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Forum Rules

Post  Helpful-man on Thu Nov 18, 2010 3:26 am

Forum Rules

This board is not a playground. Like in real life, nothing works without rules on
our board. The rules arrange the "life" on our board. If someone evades our rules intentional, he will be banned from the board!!! We reserves us the right to edit or delete postings, which don't correspond to the rules!

* This forum is dedicated to phones,the tuning of, repairing and customization of etc. In this forum can be uploaded some software that can potentially damage your phones! We take no responsibility for the way you use the information provided on this site. Use them only for education and at your own risk. These files and everything else on this site are ONLY FOR PRIVATE PURPOSES ! We do not take any responsibility for them or their use.
* Please pay attention to the manners on the board. Insults are not tolerated!
* No private conversation on non-English languages (private messages per email!)!
* No spam in the board (the same posting in different sections AND multiple (same)post in same section...)
* No religious messages!
* No "send me too" messages
* No swear words!
* Choose the right section for your posting!
* Choose an good subject for your posting!
* First before posting use the "search"-option in the board!
* Respect the moderators. If there are some problems with moderators only mail to an admin
* Posting details (phone-nr, private-address....) from other members isn´t allowed
* Advertise-postings isn't allowed
* all other advertise-links (also in avatars) will be deleted or censored
Direct Links to companies like nokia , ngage , other phone manufacturers , online shops , applications developers , games developers etc and anywhere official are not allowed anywhere on this forum In any situation or context...
* Don´t push posting-counter with messages like thanks, nice,haha, smileys....
* Read every day the rules before post !!!

All The Best


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